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Your Home Design Can Affect Your Productivity, and Here’s How

November 6, 2019

Our homes, ourselves

Whether it’s our home or office, we instinctively inject aspects of our personalities into the spaces we inhabit. For some, this may be as simple as placing a few posters on the walls of our bedrooms. For others, this can mean designing every aspect of the home (from furniture selection and placement, to décor and more) to reflect their personal tastes.

But, did you know that your home design choices can have a direct impact on your productivity? Let us explain how.

A source of inspiration

While it may seem unlikely, your interior design can positively or negatively influence your productivity in the home. By adding personal touches to your décor, such as: displaying your favourite books, creating a feature wall, adding artwork throughout the house and more, you will boost your mood, increase your motivation and enhance your creative output.

Simple ways to increase your productivity

Increasing your productivity in the home is as simple as following these simple design rules.

Get back to nature

Introducing natural elements, such as houseplants and flowers into your living room, kitchen or bedroom will do more than leave your home looking beautiful. They can clear your mind, help you focus, and enable you to get more done each day.

Inject a splash of colour

On a subconscious level, different colours create different moods. Warm blue tones, for instance, are considered calming and relaxing. Bright oranges and yellows are associated with energy and enthusiasm. And, light and dark greens are commonly associated with reconnecting to the earth.

Put everything in its place

You’ll be amazed how much of a difference being organised can make. A clean, uncluttered space will help to keep your mind sharp and focused. However, it’s important to ensure you incorporate enough treasured items (i.e. photos, favourite books, vinyl, knick-knacks, etc.) to express your personal style.

This will draw you to your workspace, and make working a much more pleasurable experience.

By incorporating these simple touches into your home design, you’ll be absolutely amazed by how much you pack into each day.

For more inspiring ways to increase your productivity at home, simply call or email the friendly All Image Architects team today.

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