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Why Are Scandinavian Style Homes So Popular?

October 6, 2019

Scandinavian – an enduring style trend

Far from a passing fad, Scandinavian style homes have been consistently popular for over eight decades. So, what’s driving this popularity? Unlike other design trends, Scandinavian does not refer to a specific location or time period. Rather, it refers to a culture and a lifestyle.

What is Scandinavian design?

This distinct style belongs to the modernist movement. It focuses heavily on functionality and the simplification of design. Also, Scandinavian design is renowned for its environmental focus.

Clearly influenced by the natural world, Scandinavian home design incorporates abstraction, with natural shapes and materials, to create truly unique pieces.

Making environmentally friendly materials accessible to everyone, Scandinavian design utilises natural materials, such as leather, hemp and wood, at an affordable price.

What are its key features?

Understated, yet refined, Scandinavian design suits almost any home décor. The furniture is easily distinguished by its functional design and expert craftsmanship. The creators of Scandinavian furniture believe that beautiful, high-quality products should not just be owned by a privileged few, but by everyone.

This unique furniture is distinguished by its pale colours, natural materials and lean designs. These bright, yet practical pieces are considered a reaction to the region’s brief days and long winters.

Why does this style remain so popular?

Home design trends tend to be quite fickle. However, this is not the case with Scandinavian design. So, what is behind its decades-long popularity?

Affectionately known as “democratic design”, Scandinavian design is created for the masses. We believe this is a key driver behind its appeal.

This mass appeal gives the design certain underlying characteristics. These include:

  • Scandinavian design products are affordable to the average buyer
  • All furniture is designed with functionality and beauty in mind. This results in unique pieces, which all have a purpose in the home.
  • Everything is created with traditional Nordic design methods, and with raw, environmentally friendly materials. And;
  • Every piece is designed with functionality in mind, it is ideal for those committed to a minimalist lifestyle.

To discover how Scandinavian design can transform your acreage or modern home, call or email the experts at All Image Architects today.

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Why Are Scandinavian Style Homes So Popular?

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