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Should You Get Your Home Custom Designed?

September 6, 2019

When building a new home, you have an important choice to make – do you choose an off-the-plan or customised design? For a truly unique modern or acreage home which reflects your personality, we believe home customisation is the only choice.

Here are the top four benefits of home customisation.

#1 You’re in total control

A key benefit of building a custom designed home is you have total input at every stage of the building and design process. This means you can select every element of your new home – from modern appliances to flooring, custom cabinetry and fixtures. From the initial design plans, to the interior design process, you can select every detail of your new home.

#2 Flexibility

The beauty of a custom home is it is not built according to a pre-determined plan. So, it won’t look like anything you have seen before. The experienced team at All Image Architects will work alongside you throughout the entire planning, construction and design process.

Working together, we’ll create your dream home by delivering your vision to our installers and tradesmen. We’ll ensure the build is completed to the highest possible quality standard.

#3 Energy efficiency

Your custom designed home is sustainable and energy efficient. We’ll design the orientation of your home in relation to sun and wind patterns, to maximise the benefits of natural energy and increase comfort.

You also have options to reduce your energy bills. For instance, you can choose solar energy, high-quality insulation or passive cooling and heating to bring your energy costs down. We can also offer environmentally friendly options, such as rainwater tanks and indoor gardens.

#4 A truly unique design

When you build a custom home, you don’t have to live with a generic design, filled with features that don’t suit your taste or personality. Why live with a design that doesn’t tick all the boxes?

By opting for a custom designed home, you can choose the design and layout that suits you, without having to compromise.

A custom designed home is a blank canvas you can fashion to suit your lifestyle and exact specifications.

To create a truly unique, modern or acreage home, contact our experienced team today, to discuss your plans.

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