Our Process: Consultants

We now begin to finalise the details of your design.  All relevant external Consultants needed, (subject to the type of project you have as to what Consultant you may need as particular Consultant Services are compulsory and are required by council), will be engaged to detail and document your design.

Such Consultants you may require, all of which we can assist and/or arrange on your behalf may be as follows:

  • BASIX Consultant (BASIX & NaTHERS Reports and Certificates)
  • Hydraulic Engineer (Hydraulic engineering plan)
  • Structural Engineer (Structural engineering plan)
  • Landscape Architect (Landscaping plan)

Once the Consultants have been commissioned there are no more changes (this is why we finalise the design in Stage 2), as we the Designers are also in the process of co-ordinating the drawings with the Consultants finalising and detailing the plans that are required both for Council approval and for the Builders to be able to build the project as designed and as drawn.

Once the project documentation has been completed by all parties we are now ready to proceed to Stage 4 in Our Process: Council (the final stage).

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