Our Process: 3D Model

Having floor plans finalised, we now transfer sketches to CAD drawings, producing and offering you the opportunity to view your project, ie. house in a 3D model which will not only allow you to see your dream house from every angle but also be able to walk you through your dream house and get a full understanding of the design (layout). This is a great service for those that have a little trouble in reading and visualising 2D floor drawings.

Having viewed the 3D Model we are then able to view and address matters such as:

  • Lighting
  • Window positioning and sizes
  • Adjusting door locations
  • Kitchen configuration
  • Design of facade and its appearance
  • Colours and textures of external dwelling  such as brick work, render, feature walls etc.

We are also able to explore matters in detail. For example, if there is a particular brick colour that you like and would like to see how it would look on the proposed dwelling, we can scan or download the sample and show you exactly what it would look on the 3D generated model. All Items that can be explored and modified very early in the design process.

We tend to stay on this particular stage the longest as this is when we make final adjustments to ensure you achieve the outcome you desire. There is no time frame.

You may stay on this stage as long as you need to and make as many changes as required (within reason). Having explored the options and finalising the design, there are no more changes, we will then proceed to Stage 3 in Our Process: Consultants.

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Address : 22 Kiernan CR Abbotsbury,
NSW 2176 Australia