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How to Improve Your Home with Art

July 6, 2019

Add definition to any room

Far more than just an accent piece, art can truly make or break any room. It is the ideal way to inject your personality into any space. Along with making any room more beautiful, here are five ways art can improve your home.

Add movement

In the art world, movement is a technique which directs where the viewer’s eye goes. Using this technique, you can influence your guests’ perception of any room in your home. Placing a visually arresting piece of art which conveys a lot of movement into your living room, study or bedroom creates a flow between the art and your furniture.

Introduce colour

The artwork you choose can either dictate or enhance a room’s colour scheme. If you’re feeling stuck when designing a room, select a piece of art you believe will suit the space, and create a colour palette to compliment it.

A neutral colour palette is a perfect way to showcase a favourite artwork. Whereas, a bright piece of art can enrich and add dimension to an otherwise bland palette.

Balance scale and texture

If you have high ceilings, a well-placed piece of art can draw the eye upwards, creating a sense of balance. The artwork’s texture will help create a dynamic design. Choosing the right painting will unify the room’s colours, patterns and textures.

Create a rotating gallery

Are you feeling bored with your space and need a change? If so, switching up your artwork every few months is an easy way to create a new look. Different artwork will highlight different elements of the room, and make it feel refreshed.

Regularly changing the artwork in your home will introduce different moods into every room. So, your art choices will reflect how you, and how you want your guests to feel.

Make a statement

Artwork doesn’t always have to be the focal point of every room. You can also select art to influence your environment in subtle ways, to add some sophistication to any space.

If you’d like to complete your home with some stunning works of art, call or email our friendly team for advice today.

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