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How to Find the Right Architect for Your New Home

March 6, 2019

Building a new home is an exciting adventure. However, that adventure can be filled with unexpected surprises – unless you hire the right architect. Thankfully, though, choosing the perfect architect for your new home just became much easier, with All Image Architects.

Here are our top six tips to select the right architects for your needs.

#1 Identify your style preferences

Firstly, identify precisely what you want from your new home. You can build your ideal vision with the help of home design and architectural magazines, perusing architecture websites and even by watching home renovation shows. Gradually build your vision into a clear vision of your new home to present to your architect.

#2 Do your research

From there, start tracking down the architects who can create your favourite designs. This can be done in a number of ways, including:

  • searching online – finding the websites of your favourite designers, or searching for specific architects through the Find an Architect website. This website is a directory of Australia’s experienced and qualified architectural firms.
  • getting recommendations – ask friends and family which architect(s) they were happy with. If they are satisfied with their work, chances are, you will be too.

#3 Look for an A+ rating

When browsing websites, search for the “A+” logo. This symbol identifies the firm is recognised by the Australian Institute of Architects for maintaining the highest industry standards.

#4 Interview your candidate(s)

Building a new home is a mammoth task, so interview your shortlist of candidates to ensure they can help you realise your vision. Ask whether they’re experienced in building your style of home, what is expected of you regarding time, meetings, etc. and how much one-on-one consultation time your architect will spend with you.

#5 Ask about personalised design

A good architect will help bring your vision to life. They will sit down with you and discuss your wants and desires, and incorporate these into the final design, to produce a home as unique as you are.

#6 Maintain regular contact throughout the job

Ensure the architect you’ve chosen will maintain regular contact throughout the project. A quality architect will explain every step of the process to you, taking your wants and needs into consideration at every stage of the project.

Are you searching for an architect to bring your modern home or modern extension to life? Look no further than All Image Architects. Contact us today to discuss plans for your new home.

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