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3 Popular Architectural Styles of 2019

February 6, 2019

Home styles of the future

In the ever-changing world of home design, staying up-to-date on the latest architectural trends can be challenging. What’s in style one minute, can fast fall out of style when an online influencer declares it “yesterday’s news”.

Fortunately, though, keeping abreast of future architectural trends is easy, with the help of All Image Architect’s future forecasters. Here are the top three trends we predict for your modern home in 2019.

#1 Broken plan living

This emerging trend involves dividing up open plan living spaces, to create smaller rooms. Each resulting room serves a different function, yet they are still connected and have an airy, open feel.

Dividers include storage units (i.e. bookcases, etc.) mid-century partitions or architectural additions (i.e. critical windows or half-walls). However, these solutions may not work for every home.

If you’re looking for other ways to open up your living spaces, bi-fold doors or mobile walls are an ideal solution to create a broken plan home.

#2 Bringing the outside in

Another major trend we predict for 2019, is an architectural movement which is already underway: biophilia. Put simply, biophilia refers to introducing outside elements into your interior space.

This trend is based on our innate desire to connect with nature. This connection can be represented in a variety of ways, including:

  • Placing your favourite plants and flowers around your home
  • Opting for natural floor coverings, such as native timbers, etc.
  • Adding a tropical touch to your décor, whether that be in colours, textures or natural materials
  • Putting skylights throughout your home, to create natural sources of light
  • Creating a “green wall” of hedges or flowers in your living room, and more.

#3 Getting back to the earth

Timber isn’t just for floors anymore. An earthy, organic look is making its mark in every aspect of interior design. In 2019, here are some of the natural architectural trends we believe will make their way into homes across the country:

  • Good design features, including kitchen islands, ceilings, cabinetry, walls and accessories
  • Natural colours, such as deep blues, greens, reds, mustard and black are rapidly taking the place of neutral colour palettes
  • Furniture finishes are now shown in their natural wood finish, rather than painted

To discover how these future trends will revolutionise your modern home or modern extension, call or email the expert team at All Image Architects today.

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